NPOTY 2019

Nature Photographer of the Year 2019

This year’s ‘NPOTY’ competition attracted more than 500 entries for the 6 categories.

First three in each category (together with ‘Highly Commended’ entries) are listed below, together with the winning photograph in each category.

The winning pictures can all be seen in the Visitor’s Centre at the Reserve


Cat 1 Landscapes of Horsham Nature Reserves  
1 View from Hide Rosie Oldham
2 Warnham Nature Reserve Ron Boon
3 Warnham Peter Hofman
HC Warnham (eye) Peter Merchant
Cat 2 British Flora & Fungi  
1 Clouded Clitocybe Mike Rowe
2 Heath Orchid David Oldham
3 Autumn Leaves Hilary Harding
HC ‘Prince’ Mushroom Janina Stromfield
Cat 3 British Fauna  
1 Red Fox Lawrie Brailey
2 Bug Hotel Bee Philip Broggio
3 Atlantic Puffin Alannah Hawker
HC Kingfisher Philip Broggio
HC Kestrel Ian Nicol
Cat 4 Overseas  
1 Lioness David Oldham
2 European Brown Bear Lawrie Brailey
3 Female Proboscis Monkey Margaret Andrews
HC Little Egret David Oldham
Cat 5 Captives  
1 Red-Eyed Tree Frog Ron Boon
2 Highland Cow Denise Alder
3 Red-Crested Turaco Peter Hofman
HC Tawny Owl Wanda Machnicka
Cat 6 Young Photographers <16years  
1 Fox Cub Henry Keepin
2 Dragonfly Alice Linturn
3 Fallow Deer Edward Keepin
HC Owl Oliver Ruby
HC Water Vole Henry Keepin
HC Tiger Alice Linturn
Red Fox
Judges’ comments “Evocative”, “A Stunning capture of urban wildlife”
Lawrie Brailey








Cat. 1 Landscapes of Horsham







Cat.3 British Fauna









Cat. 5 Captive Birs & Animals







Cat. 2 British Flora & Fungi







Cat. 4 Overseas Flora, Fauna & Fungi









Cat. 6 Young Photographer