NPOTY 2018

Nature Photographer of the Year 2018

This year’s ‘NPOTY’ competition attracted 349 entries for the 6 categories.

First three in each category (together with ‘Highly Commended’ entries) are listed below, together with the winning photograph in each category.

The winning pictures can all be seen in the Visitor’s Centre at the Reserve

Cat 1 Landscapes of Horsham Nature Reserves  
1 River Walk – Chesworth Farm Denise Alder
2 Leechpool-Owlbeech Woods Marion Mantell
3 Warnham in Winter Eleanor Coate
HC Walnut Tree Plantation Elisabeth Ryan
Cat 2 British Flora & Fungi  
1 Autumn Breeze Trevor Eells
2 Round-Headed Rampion Eleanor Coate
3 Twisted Tree Jim Glover
HC Cowslip Mike Rowe
HC Fungi Forest Paul Reader
Cat 3 British Fauna  
1 ‘Colin the Cuckoo’  Rod Kitchin
2 Pond Skater Tina Hennings
3 Reed Warbler Ian Redman
HC Great-Spotted Woodpecker Georgie Hudd
Cat 4 Overseas  
1 Little Bee-Eaters Mike Rowe
2 Giraffes Rod Kitchin
3 Tigers Michael Vickers
HC Penguins Mike Rowe
HC Zebra Rod Kitchin
HC Blue-Footed Booby Peter Hofman
Cat 5 Captives  
1 Gorilla Mike Rowe
2 Sumatran Tiger Cub Marion Mantell
3 Giant Tortoise Peter Hofman
HC Owl Trevor Eells
Cat 6 Young Photographers <16years  
1 Campanula  (‘I can hear the bells’) James Martin
2 Thrush David Schofield
3 Slow-Worm Oliver Ruby
HC Doves David Schofield
HC Wildflower Oliver Ruby




‘Colin the Cuckoo’


“Fantastic composition with excellent depth of field”

Rod Kitchin






Cat. 1 Landscapes of Horsham







Cat.3 British Fauna









Cat. 5 Captive Birs & Animals







Cat. 2 British Flora & Fungi







Cat. 4 Overseas Flora, Fauna & Fungi









Cat. 6 Young Photographer